Welcome to The College of Notaries Northern Ireland

The College of Notaries Northern Ireland is the professional body of those solicitors practising as Notaries Public in Northern Ireland.

The objectives of the College of Notaries Northern Ireland include the promotion, advancement and regulation of the profession of Notary Public in Northern Ireland.

This website provides information to the general public and to the rest of the legal profession about notarial practice and procedure in Northern Ireland. It also provides a portal through which Notaries may be located and contacted. There is also a section which is available only to members of the College of Notaries.

In this website, references to males shall include females, singular shall include plural and person shall include a corporate body.

The term “executing” when applied to a document means signing and in the case of a formal company document, the affixing of the Company Seal in the presence of either two Directors or of a Director and the Company Secretary.